Client Overview

Energenic Batteries is a startup company that specializes in providing sustainable energy storage solutions. The company’s goal is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.


The client approached us with a challenge of generating leads and building a strong online presence. They were struggling to gain visibility in the market, and as a result, they were not getting enough leads.

Our Approach

To tackle the client’s challenge, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which involved the following:

Website SEO : ​

We conducted a thorough analysis of the client's website and optimized it for search engines. We made sure that the website was user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and had relevant content that matched the user's search queries.

Instagram Posting :

We created an Instagram account for the client and posted regular updates about their products, services, and achievements. We also made sure to use relevant hashtags and engage with the audience.

Improvement in LinkedIn Profile :

We improved the client's LinkedIn profile by adding a clear description of their business and highlighting their strengths. We also encouraged the client's employees to update their profiles and connect with potential clients.

Content on LinkedIn :

We created and posted high-quality content on LinkedIn that provided value to the target audience. The content included articles, infographics, and videos, which helped position Energenic Batteries as a thought leader in the industry.


As a result of our approach, Energenic Batteries was able to generate a few leads from LinkedIn. The website traffic and social media engagement also increased significantly, which helped build a strong online presence for the client. The client was satisfied with the results, and we continue to work with them to improve their digital marketing efforts.