Client Overview

Jyoti Interiur, an interior design company, was interested in growing their online presence and generating leads through social media. They decided to focus their efforts on Instagram by running ads and regularly posting content to engage their audience. However, their results were not as expected as they only received a few inquiries from their leads.


The biggest challenge that Jyoti Interiur faced was generating high-quality leads through their online efforts. Despite their efforts in running ads and regularly posting content on Instagram, they were not able to attract the right audience that would convert into paying customers. The company was struggling to understand what they could do to attract better leads and convert them into customers.

Our Approach

To tackle the issue, Jyoti Interiur conducted an analysis of their current social media strategy. They identified the following areas of improvement:

Targeting : ​

The company realized that they were not targeting the right audience through their Instagram ads. They were targeting a broad audience, which led to unqualified leads. Jyoti Interiur decided to narrow down their audience targeting by using Instagram's advanced targeting options, such as location, interests, and demographics. This helped them to attract the right audience who were interested in their services.

Content :

Jyoti Interiur realized that their content was not engaging enough to attract leads. They were just posting photos of their work without any context or explanation. The company decided to focus on creating engaging content that would resonate with their audience. They started posting more behind-the-scenes content, tips, and tutorials on interior design, which helped to increase engagement.

Lead Magnet :

The company realized that they were not offering anything to entice their audience to take action. They started offering a free e-book on interior design tips and tricks to those who signed up for their newsletter. This helped them to generate more leads and grow their email list.


After implementing the above changes, Jyoti Interiur was able to see significant improvement in their online lead generation efforts. They were able to attract high-quality leads who were interested in their services, resulting in more inquiries and conversions. They were also able to grow their email list, which they could use to nurture their leads and turn them into paying customers.